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5th May 2011

Player Notes Enhancements

We’ve made it even easier for you to make notes on your opponents at the table.

You can now assign a color note to a player without having to open the Player Notes window. Simply right-click on the player and choose “Color Code” to assign your desired highlighting.

The software will now also remember any changes you make to the position and size of the Player Notes window for the next time you want to make a note.

Player Notes Enhancements

New Game Varieties

Some new game varieties have been added to those on offer at Full Tilt Poker:

  • For 7, 8, 9 and 10-Game Mixed Games, we have added Cap Games
  • For 2-7 Triple Draw, we have added Pot Limit tables with Antes
  • For HA, we have added a Mixed Limit version

Check the Full Tilt Poker game lobby to play any of these games now.

Automatically Close Sit & Go Tables

You can now choose to automatically close a table on completion of any Sit & Go.

To enable this option, go to the “Options” menu and select Table Options then Table Settings.... Check the box alongside “Auto-Close Sit & Go Without Confirmation”.

Once selected, all Sit & Go tables will close automatically, skipping the dialog that confirms your finishing position.

Automatically Close Sit & Go Tables

5th April 2011

Request Private Tournament

With our new Request Private Tournament feature, you now have the ability to create your own tournaments at Full Tilt Poker. You decide the tournament format, when it starts and who is allowed to enter.

The quickest way to set up your Private Tournament is to select one of our popular tournament templates. You can also customize your tournament by choosing from a full selection of games and limit structures, along with a wide range of tournament options and buy-ins.

Request your Private Tournament through the Requests menu in the game lobby.

Request your Private Tournament

You can also use your own My Tournaments page, which is accessed via the My Promotions button in the Cashier to manage your Private Tournaments.

Learn more about our new Request Private Tournament Feature.

Ring Game Tickets

Full Tilt Poker’s Ring Game Tickets are an alternative way to buy in to your favorite ring games.

Each Ring Game Ticket has a cash value that changes based on your play at the tables. You unlock the cash value of a Ring Game Ticket by earning Full Tilt Points in ring games.

Ring Game Tickets can be purchased from the Full Tilt Store and Iron Man Store.

Learn more about Ring Game Tickets

Game Lobby Menu Improvements

We’ve reorganized our Game Lobby Menu Bar to make it quicker and easier for you to access your favorite features and manage your settings. There are nine menus at the top of the Game Lobby:

Account – Access and change your account information

Cashier – Open the Full Tilt Poker Cashier and access your Single-Click Deposit settings

Security – Access your security settings

Options – Control the settings for both the main lobby and your tables

Requests – Access important information such as your tournament history or bonus offers, plus find a specific player or tournament

Languages – Access your language options

Promotions – Quickly access promotions and your My Promotions page

Black Card – Access the Black Card Store and your My Black Card page

Help – Contact our 24/7 support team or access general information about Full Tilt Poker

Lobby Menu Bar

The most significant changes can be found in our improved Options menu, which allows you to manage all your lobby and table settings – from lobby view to table layout and general preferences.

Lobby Menu: Options

Our new Promotions menu gives you direct access to a selection of popular promotions, as well as All Promotions and My Promotions pages. We’ve also moved our Refer A Friend and Announcements features to this menu.

Lobby Menu: Promotions

Our Cashier menu has been expanded to provide access to a number of features available in the Cashier itself, including depositing and withdrawing funds, Player to Player Transfers and Bonuses.

Lobby Menu: Cashier

We’ve improved our Help menu – now you can contact Customer Support, ask for help in our forums, and access our guides to poker games and our game software. You can also find information on new features and Table Hotkeys.

Lobby Menu: Help

New Options Dialog

In addition to our Game Lobby Menu Bar enhancements, we’ve improved our Table Options dialog. This can be accessed through the Options menu in the Game Lobby or by clicking on the Options button at a table.

Options Button

Our new Options dialog allows you to easily manage your table layout settings – including the style of the card deck, avatar display, and chat options – as well as adjust your gameplay settings and general preferences. For example, you can mute chat, change the color of your cards, or set your buy-in preferences. You can also manage your Lobby settings through this dialog.

New Options Dialog

Custom Bet Buttons

A new option that you’ll find in the Options dialog allows you to customize the Bet Buttons on the Bet Slider at the table.

You can choose the bet sizes you want for No Limit and Pot Limit games, both Pre-Flop and Post-Flop. In the Options dialog, select Table Options then Custom Bet Buttons. Choose the multipliers that suit your game from the dropdown menus or by typing directly into the boxes.

Pre-Flop bet sizes are in multiples of Big Blinds and can be set up to 6X for both No Limit and Pot Limit games. Post-Flop bet sizes are a percentage of the pot size and can be set up to 150% for No Limit games, and 100% for Pot Limit games.

Custom Bet Buttons

Request Account History

You can now request a customized statement of your Account History at Full Tilt Poker through the game software.

Get started by going to the Requests menu in the game lobby and selecting Account History....

Request Account History

24th February 2011

One Click Ring Game Take Seat

You can now access your favorite ring games with just one click. A Take Seat button has been added to the ring game table player list in the main lobby. Simply click the Take Seat button to join the game.

Improved Tournament Browsing

We’ve made it easier to find Rush Poker* Tournaments and Multi-Entry Tournaments in the game lobby. Set the filter in the Standard View browse area to Tournament, and you now have the option to select Rush or Multi-Entry as your tournament type.

Improved Tournament Browsing

You can also use Basic View of the Full Tilt Poker game lobby to find Rush Poker* Tournaments and Multi-Entry Tournaments. Start by selecting Tournament in Step 2, then choose Rush or Multi-Entry as your tournament Category in Step 3 followed by your Buy-In in Step 4.

Improved Tournament Browsing-basic-view

Quick Key for Toggling of Table Position Options and Table Size

For players who like to multi-table, we’ve added hotkeys options to make it easier to control table position and size.

There are now hotkeys for the following options:

  • Tile Tables – Ctrl+9 (Command+9 on Mac)
  • Cascade Tables – Ctrl+0 (Command+0 on Mac)
  • Stack Tables – Ctrl+8 (Command+8 on Mac)
  • Back to Default Size – Ctrl+6 (Command+6 on Mac)
  • Back to Default size All – Ctrl+7 (Command+7 on Mac)

See our Special Features page for a complete list of all our hotkey options.

New ‘Find Player’ Option

When you right-click on a player at a table, there is now an added ‘Find Player’ option in the menu. This offers the same functionality as the Find a Player feature, available in the Requests menu in the game lobby.

New Player Options

11th January 2011

Multi-Entry Tournaments

Give yourself multiple chances to make a big tournament score with Multi-Entry Tournaments, a unique tournament format exclusive to Full Tilt Poker.

Multi-Entry Tournaments allow you to register for the same tournament numerous times, meaning you can “multi-table” a single tournament! Each of your entries in a Multi-Entry Tournament will have its own chip stack and be dealt its own hand. You can register multiple entries at the same time, or use additional entries as a “second chance” if your first entry is eliminated from the tournament in the early stages of play.

To find a Multi-Entry Tournament, set the filters in the Standard View browse area to Tournament and look for tournaments identified with the following icon in the game list:

Multiple Entry Tournament Game List

Learn more about Multi-Entry Tournaments.

Black Card Improvements

Earn extra Full Tilt Points multipliers through your Black Card membership by reaching higher points thresholds. Achieve a 1,500-point rolling average to earn your 3x Full Tilt Point multiplier, or a 3,000-point rolling average to earn your 4x Full Tilt Point multiplier.

Track your progress as you play by using the updated Black Card Status widget:

Black Card Status Widget Updated

You can also monitor your 100-day rolling average and milestone points thresholds through your personal Black Card page, available in the My Promotions section of the Cashier.

Learn more about The Black Card by Full Tilt Poker.

Sit Out at All Tables

To create a smoother multi-tabling experience, we’ve added the option to sit out the next hand or next big blind across all tables.

While at the table, you’ll see a triangle icon next to the “Sit Out Next Hand” and “Sit Out Next BB” checkboxes. Click the icon to open a menu of available options:

Sit Out at All Tables

Select “Sit Out Next Hand (All)” to sit out at all tables you’re currently playing, or “Sit Out Next BB (All)” to sit out when the big blind reaches your position.

When you’re ready to rejoin the action, select the “I’m Back At All Tables” option in the same menu:

I’m Back At All Tables

Please note that this feature is enabled by default. If you’d like to disable this feature, you can click the Options button at any table, select the “Misc” tab and uncheck the “Enable Custom Sit Out Controls” option:

Enable Custom Sit Out Controls

* Patent Pending