Step into the Ring Every Week at Full Tilt Poker

Let off some steam at the end of every week with Friday Night Fights. Slug it out for your share of $20,000 in guaranteed prize money and earn cash for each opponent you bust, with $100 for every knockout punch you land.

The Friday Night Fights Knockout Tournament is a No-Limit Hold ’em Knockout Bounty tournament which takes place every Friday at 14:00 ET.

For every $300 + $15 buy-in to the Friday Night Fights, $200 will go to the prize pool, and there will be a $100 bounty on each player. Knock a player out, and their bounty will be credited instantly to your account. There’s no limit to the number of bounties you can collect, so take your best shots.

You can buy in directly to the Friday Night Fights, or satellite your way in from $20 + $2.